A Bounty Hunter's Flat-out Limit - Animation Pack

Samus receives a call about a potential high-paying bounty. The mission is simple - Find and capture a person who only goes by the name "Trapmaster". The only problem is that they're located within their secret headquarters. Whilst the building looks very low-security, don't let its looks deceive you! This place is filled to the brim with traps to prevent any trespassers. Join Samus on a 5-animation adventure of attempting to capture this mysterious person and put them to justice!

This product contains:

5 animations of Samus being flattened

10 4k images from the animations, all from unique perspectives

5 Behind the scenes clips that show how I did some of the effects in the animations

All videos are in the .mp4 format in 1080p

All images are in the .jpg format in 4k

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216.37MB ZIP Download

GBP 11.00

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